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Brief Background

Stepping Stone started as a project of the Rotary Club of Makati in 1972, as a school for indigent children in the Guadalupe Viejo area, Makati City. As more and more children were being brought to the school, the Rotary Club of Makati took note of the growing number of Special needs children.

In 1986, the Rotary Club of Makati, decided to expand the project and invited the Rotary District 3830 to participate. In 1987, eight (8) Rotary Clubs from Makati including the Rotary Club of Makati formed the school into non-stock, non-profit foundation called the Development Center for the Handicapped Foundation, Inc. (DCHFI) with Stepping Stone retained as the school name. In July 2013, the name of the Foundation was changed to Center for Excellence in Special Education (Stepping Stone) Foundation Inc. a name that is very descriptive of the nature of its operations and objectives.


Center for Excellence takes care of children with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities, using or modifying the general education curriculum to meet the child’s individual needs. Primarily, we teach them life skills and basic literacy, so that they can become functioning members of society. Our special education teachers instruct students at the pre-school, elementary and pre-vocational courses. Our special education program caters to children with various types of disabilities. These include specific learning disabilities, speech language impairments, multiple intellectual disabilities, Orthopaedic impairments, Autism, Down Syndrome, ADHD, William Syndrome and other related development impairments. 95% of the students enrolled in the center come from indigent families. Families with income from zero to P10,000.00 a year, with unemployed family members or insufficient family income not enough to cover for the daily necessities of the family are not able to send their special need child for special education. Most of these families live in squatter or slum areas as informal settlers. They live on a hand to mouth existence and in very uncomfortable condition.

Our Corporate VISION is for the Center for Excellence is to provide world-class special education for individuals with learning and behavioral difficulties using a specialized and integrated approach.

In line with this, Our Corporate MISSION-The Stepping Stone Center for Excellence endeavors to help individuals with special

needs realize their full potential and facilitate their integration into society.

Mission & Vision Statement

  • Stepping Stone Learning and Therapy Center will be a world-class education institution locally and internationally, for individuals with learning and behavioral difficulties resulting from conditions such as Autism, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, and various other forms of intellectual disabilities and developmental delays. 
  • Stepping stone Learning and Therapy Center provides quality education and therapy for individuals with learning and behavioral difficulties resulting in conditions such as Autism, ADHD, Cerebral Pals, Down Syndrome, other forms of intellectual disabilities and development delays, to help them realize their full potential and facilitate their integration in society. 

    The mission is to be realized within 5 years. During this period, a new school will be built located in a secure neighborhood. The school will have state-of-the-art facilities and will be manned by teachers who are holders of master and doctoral degrees in SPED.
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  • To the families of individuals across all socio-economic backgrounds who have learning and behavioral difficulties

    We commit to providing quality education to students to enable them to realize their full potential with the goal of harnessing their natural talents. Stepping Stone’s roster of highly qualified SPED teachers, licensed therapists, along with state-of-the-art facilities including vocational training, aids in achieving this goal.

    To our highly qualified and trained staff as well as interns and international volunteers

    Stepping Stone shall provide meaningful experience within an internationally-recognized institution with the aid of world-class facilities in addition to a nurturing work environment and competitive compensation

    Our affiliation with major local and international groups such as the Special Education Network in Asia (SENIA), the Council for Exceptional Children (USA), Autism Society of the Philippines (ASP), together with other local organizations, provides Stepping Stone with the means to further develop and enhance the careers of our staff

    To corporations, foundations, and high net worth individuals

    Stepping Stone shall provide donors with a channel for social responsibility while recognizing the opportunity for building their reputation through a lasting contribution towards this important cause.

    To development Pediatricians, Psychologists and General Practitioners

    Stepping Stone shall strive to maintain its trustworthy and credible image while forwarding the continuous advancement of the medical profession in relation to special education