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Early Intervention

Offers specially designed programs and services to children below the age of three (3) to minimize the effects of the handicapping conditions present in them and to ensure optimum gains in their development. Also offers, Dilatory and intervention Program for children whose age ranges from five to ten and did not benefit any form of intervention during the first four years of life.

Functional Academics Program for Inclusive/Mainstreaming Education

This program is independent and high functioning learners whose age ranges from 8 to 12 years old and are already ready for more academic instruction. The ultimate goal of this program is to prepare the special learners to be included in a regular classroom set up emotionally, socially and cognitively.

Adult Program

This program aims to develop in adolescent and adult special learners the needed competence in community adaptation hand in hand with the development of the skills needed to become self-productive and self-actualize persons of the society. The Adult Program provides various Vocational programs such as Housekeeping, Water Refilling, Laundry, Baking and Barista skills that will allow them to be gainfully employed or start their own business.

SPED Tutorial Service

Offers individual tutorial services that Serve as learning aid to students with special learning needs



Bread and Pastry Production NCII

Barista NCII

Housekeeping NCII


Water Refilling



Occupational Therapy

Focuses on human occupation and assisting individuals top perform at their highest potential in their daily living activities. The occupations in children include play, self help skills, learning and social interactions. Pediatric OT helps facilitate development of functional sensory and motor functions to promote a child’s ability to play, learn and interact in his/her environment.

Speech Therapy

Deals with the remediation of all forms of speech, voice, hearing and language problems caused by physical, mental or psychological disorders.

Physical Therapy

Focuses on human physical rehabilitation of the normal functions of the different physical aspects of the body such as the ability to walk, to stand and to move without assistance.

Music, Dance and Drama Therapy

Deals with the remediation of expressing oneself through music, dance and drama using musical instruments, etc.

Aqua Therapy-in the planning stage

Using water as a medium for occupational and physical therapy.

Visual Arts Therapy

Art and painting skills are developed to being out the natural talents of the students