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DAY 3 – Picture Frame Puppets

The 3rd day of Project HeART workshop was as exciting and interesting as days 1 and 2. The Metrobank team facilitated the students a very wonderful art activity entitled “Picture Frame Puppet”.

The parents and guardians were once again invited to join in the art activity which was started with a very lively dance activity led by Psychologist Ms. Joy Malapit. Everyone had a great time learning new songs and dance steps from Ms. Joy. The students and parents also participated well in the activity.

After all the energy-boosting pre-art activity, Mr. Ferdinand Doctolero, Metrobank’s artist, proceeded to the picture frame puppet making. First, Mr. Ferdinand explained to the students, teachers and parents the steps in making picture frame puppets. He showed samples of the picture frame puppets that he had made. The art activity for the day was easy to do because it only involved drawing, cutting, coloring, gluing and fastening using the materials such as white cartolina, glue, scissors, pencils, crayons and coloring tools.

For the first step, the students drew picture of themselves together with their loved ones on pre-cut sheets of cartolina. Next, they drew beautiful places on another sheet of cartolina which would serve as the background. Then, they colored the pictures and background. Lastly, the students cut the pictures they drew and colored and glued them on the background.

The students were so happy seeing their beautiful artwork and so were the parents that they wanted to mount their family frames inside their houses. Everyone went home with a smile on their faces. Indeed, A PICTURE OF A HAPPY FAMILY!