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DAY 2 – My Super Hero

On the 2nd day of the art workshop last April 15, Wednesday, the students’ excitement grew more intensely. There were two (2) new facilitators namely Ms. Tanya and Mr. Saroy. To get the kids energized and readied, they were all asked to gather to the front to participate in music and dance pre-art activity which was led by Ms. Tanya. The physical exercise made everyone do different kinds of stretching and breathing.

The session started after the artists explained to the students what they would do with the materials shown to them like card boards, yarn, scissors, glue, and tiny green beans or “monggo” to be able to make an image of their super heroes. Some of the activity’s objectives were to enhance the students’ fine motor skills and improve their attention span, eye– hand coordination and impulse control appertaining to work behavior.

After the students finished their masterpiece, Dr. Grace asked them to present their work in front one by one, and identify who their superhero was and the reason for choosing such a superhero. Everyone was expecting that the superheroes all the students would create are the ones they see on television or the internet; but, to the surprise of everyone, some of the students drew their parents as their superheroes. The superhero parents who were present during the activity were touched by their children’s work. Everyone had so much fun doing the activity and again looked forward to the next art activity days with Metrobank Project HeART team.