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Courtesy Visit to Parañaque City Mayor Edwin Olivarez


Chairman and President Mundy Gonzalez, Trustee Ann and Executive Director Dayal from Stepping Stone, together with Autism Society Philippines (ASP) President for Paranaque Chapter Ms. Imelda Alviso, Ms Carol Kuhne, member of ASP joined in paying a courtesy call to Mayor Edwin L. Olivarez of Paranaque City last February 23, 2015.

It was a bright Monday and the City Hall of Paranque was bustling with people. The Flag ceremony had just ended as the group proceeded to the Office of the Mayor. The meeting was arranged by Person with Disability Affairs Office (PDAO) President Arnold C. Castillo. PDAO is under the Office of the Mayor.

As so many people were waiting to have an audience with the Mayor, the group was ushered into a conference room, Mr. Mike Tolentino, Consultant to PDAO on a Education, joined the group while waiting.

The group was then brought to the Mayor’s Office where an introduction ensued. Chairman and President Mundy informed Mayor Olivarez regarding the recent acquisition of the St. Rita Elementary School property which will soon become a Center for Excellence in Special Education.

Trustee Ann talked about her early days living in Paranaque City which the Mayors delight having lived in the very same area as Trustee Ann MANY YEARS BACK. Trustee Ann reminisced about the simplicity of Paranaque back in the days and compared it with the progress the City has achieved.

Executive Director Dayal gave a brief background of how the school started and future plans to have the first ever Center for Excellence in Special Education which will be located in Paranaque. The Mayor responded by informing the group that the City will support this effort and directed President Arnold to assist Stepping Stone regarding any permits and legal requirements needed from the Office of the Mayor.

Mayor Olivarez also suggested that the partnership between the City and Stepping Stone be formalized in the Memorandum of Agreement. This will open up the doors for the city to find legal ways to help Stepping Stone and vice versa.

The Mayor also highlighted the many achievements and progress in terms of Education, Health, Good Governance, Entertainment, and Environmental safety.

Thank you Mayor Edwin Olivarez.