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Thank You and Good Luck


Our Peace Corps Response Volunteer (PCRV), Mr. Jason Bergancia, Master in Speech and Language Pathology has to the end of his eight (8) month tour in the Philippines.


Jason joined Stepping Stone as the third PCRV in Speech and Language Pathology, an expertise so lacking in the Philippines. On his arrival in Manila, Jason was introduced and welcomed by Chairman & President Mundy Gonzalez, Trustee Ann Aspinall and Executive Director Dayal Nandwani.


After being sworn in by no less than U.S. Ambassador, His Excellency Sung Kim, Jason was whisked off to his new home for two (2) months. This was at the University of Santo Tomas, a longtime partner of Stepping Stone.

Jason’s role was to immerse himself with the upcoming interns to be assigned to Stepping Stone and to share and learn some of the best practices of the field of Speech and Language Pathology. Two months flew so fast that Jason was now brought to Stepping Stone Sucat where Speech & Language Pathology laboratory was to be set up.


With only one intern by his side, Jason set up the laboratoty and soon inquiries came in and patients started doing their therapy sessions at Stepping Stone Sucat.


Six more months have just flown away with the blink of an eye and now Jason moves on in his career having taken an on-line doctorate course on Speech & Langauge Pathology.


Jason has found time to do a Marathon, raising money for much needed SLP materials and connecting Stepping Stone with companies abroad and locally which translated to additional SLP materials and new friends willing to support.


Mr. Milo Cruz, Program Head for PCRV’s in the Philippines was around as Stepping Stone awarded a simple plaque of appreciation for his invaluable services. A short lunch followed at the nearby Max’s Restaurant.


We will miss you, Jason. We hope you come back and share your expertise armed with a doctorate degree in Speech & Language Pathology.




DAY 3 – Picture Frame Puppets

The 3rd day of Project HeART workshop was as exciting and interesting as days 1 and 2. The Metrobank team facilitated the students a very wonderful art activity entitled “Picture Frame Puppet”.


DAY 2 – My Super Hero

On the 2nd day of the art workshop last April 15, Wednesday, the students’ excitement grew more intensely. There were two (2) new facilitators namely Ms. Tanya and Mr. Saroy. To get the kids energized and readied, they were all asked to gather to the front to participate in music and dance pre-art activity which was led by Ms. Tanya. The physical exercise made everyone do different kinds of stretching and breathing.


DAY 1 - Metrobank Foundation’s Project HeART

How Art can build the connection between the inner self of a human being and his surroundings, is what gave the Metro Bank Foundation the idea to create and start their Project HeART, an Art Therapy program by Metrobank‘s Art and Design Excellence-Network of Winners (MADE-N.O.W.) headed by their President Mr. Noell El Farol and Clinical Psychologist and Project Consultant of MADE-NOW, Dr. Grace Brillantes- Evangelista.