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Buwan ng Wikang Pambansa "Filipino: Wika ng Saliksik"

Every year we celebrate “Buwan ng Wikang Pambansa” or “Month of National Language” with the theme “Filipino: Wika ng Saliksik” or"Language of Research". This is the day when we commemorate our national language and express our feelings in different ways such as dancing, singing, games and speech choir.

We celebrated Buwan ng Wika last 24 of August, 2018 Friday at the Stepping Stone Makati school premises. The program started with a beautiful prayer led by Eunice of Early Intervention class with the prayer song named “The Salvation Poem” in tagalog version. Eunice made it sacredly beautiful as she sang and acted out the song wonderfully. 

The prayer was followed by the entrance of our Philippine Flag with students of Functional Academics Mav, Kravin and NathanNathanbrought the flag, followed by Kravin and Mav and stood as model officers of their fellow students. 

The National anthem was conducted by Chona of Teen Adult Class with her grace in managing to handle the song until the end. As the program continued, everybody was so excited to see their children’s talent and wanted to record the student’s performance as the UMAK Psychology interns were advised to capture all the wonderful moments of the event.

To proceed with the program itself, every class prepared a presentation and wore their best Filipiniana costumes as they showed their best performances.  Early Intervention presented a folk dance to the tune of “Magtanim ay di Biro” with their energetic students Chester, Sao, Brianne, Liam, Xia, Eunice, Elaisia, King and Ryan. It was an exceptional production led by Teacher March and Teacher Sherry. All students swayed and brought out the best moves they got.  

Meanwhile, Functional Academics performed a dance from the song of “Polka sa Nayon” which included Lorraine, Sophia, Kravin, Mav, Duke, JB, Nathan and Zuri. After an enthusiastic dance number, Duke, Kravin and Nathan prepared a speech. The audience listened diligently and applauded in appreciation for their performance. It was indeed a great show.

The program continued with the Teen-Adult Class not wanting to be left behind, presenting their best performance,  dancing to the tune of “Pinoy Ako, Pinoy Tayo” using orange and lemons as props. Teachers Lia and Routche danced with them and had a quick group photo with wacky faces. Very hilarious indeed and so much fun.

On the first part of the program, everyone joined in a group song holding each other’s hand and singing “Tagumpay Nating Lahat” a song byLea Salonga. The meaning behind the song is that “Together we can make a difference, be successful”. Songs are the language of love no matter what dialect we speak.

The second part of the program was held at the Early Intervention Classroom. The program featured Filipino games starting with the“Sipa”.  Sipa is the national game of Philippines where one uses their foot to kick a soft ball made out of rattan fragment, back & forth on a net in the middle of the court. Kravin won the game while others were given consolation prices for the efforts.

The second game was the “Sack Race”. The group were divided into three (3) depending on their age and height. Each group played two (2) games. A total of three (3) major prizes and three (3) consolation prizes were awarded. 

The last two games “Pabitin” and “Pinata” had to be played at the lobby to allow for more space. After this, the kids played the “Pinata” where one has to sit down and wait for their name to be called to choose a string to open the Pinata. It was Kravin’s lucky day as he pulled open thePinata full of goodies.

As if this was not enough, a final game called the “Pahagis ng Kendi” or “Throwing of Candies” put a huge smile on everyone’s face.

After the song, dance and games, everyone proceeded to the Functional Academic Classroom to have their lunch. Teachers and parents prepared a sumptuous lunch of Pansit, Longaniza, Buko Pandan, Crema de Fruta, Spaghetti, Pichi-pichi, Adobo, Roast Chicken and many more.

The program ended by honouring our National Language.