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Community Integration: Encompassing Full Participation in the Community/Environment


The Functional Academics (FA)  and Teen Adult (TA) students of Stepping Stone Makati enjoyed the first day of December by having a community integration activity by going to the Powerplant mall to watch a movie, buying their own movie snacks and movie tickets and exploring  interesting places and things inside the mall.

We started off our activity by giving them guidelines and briefing them about what to do and expect once we got to the mall. The teachers, Lea, Hannah, Angel and Sofia all checked each student and the important things that they need to bring such as Persons with Disability  (PWD) Cards  and enough money.

After gathering all the students, we waited for a jeepney outside the school to get us to the Powerplant mall. All the students took out their 7.00 pesos to pay and learned how to pass the fare on to the jeepney driver. It was a quick ride from school to the Powerplant mall. Everyone looked very excited as we made our way inside the mall.

Our first itinerary was to buy the movie tickets. We made the students walk with a partner as we roamed the hallways of the mall knowing exactly where we planned to go. 

Our students fell in line to buy their tickets and prepared their important identification cards and money to present it to cashier. The parents, Mommy Cristyliza, Mommy Kelly and Mommy Cherrie) who also joined us during the activity looked proud and happy to see their kids buying their own movie tickets. They took a lot of pictures and supported their kids and the teachers throughout the activity.

After getting our tickets we we needed to get some snacks to eat inside the movie theater while watching. We led the students to Rustan’s Marketplace, Powerplant mall’s supermarket, to purchase their snacks and drinks. We made them list their favorite snacks, so it would be easy to find what they needed to buy from the supermarket. Most of them got hungry while roaming around the Marketplace supermarket but they managed to finish the activity and paid at the counter for their snacks and drinks.

After buying their groceries, we had our lunch in Jollibee and all of them excitedly ate Chicken Joy, Fries and Spaghetti. They finished their Jollibee meal with a bright beam and satisfied faces.

It was now movie time! Disney Pixar released a new movie named “Coco.” It is about a boy who dreams to be a famous singer, but his family doesn’t want him to pursue his dream as they believe that it is a curse to have a musician in their family. 

Everyone looked forward to entering the movie house.  Students found their respective places in between teachers and relaxed while waiting for the movie.  Everyone was well behaved during the movie althoufg you could see different reactions from their faces. 

This outdoor activity was filled with so much fun and lots of learning and the teachers got to see and observe the students on how they participate in a community integrated activity and how they managed to solve some problems outside the home and school.  

We look forward to more community integration activities in the near future.